School assignment
Bloom festival 2017
Supervisor: Poul Mikkelsen

Bloom is a new festival of nature and science in Copenhagen. The festival invites us for two days with walks, talks, open labs and creative breaths. The aim is to inspire and show the relevans of naturescience in daily life.

My tasks were to create a campaign that introduces the target group to the festival, with the special challenge of communicating science in a interesting way, and to create a visuel identity which stands out.

In the research proces I found that a bit of chemical knowledge can be a wonderful lifehack and challenge us to think in new ways. From here the creative idea was created. Different lifehacks are presented in short and catchy headlines to make people stop and wonder. The visuel identity is dynamic and inspired by both scientific formulars and organic shapes.

Note: I do not own the rights to the pictures used in this assignment